Carmit's Freinds

Dearest friends,
We are turning to you to request your help in achieving our dream of becoming parents and starting a family.
My name is Carmit. My husband of 10 years and I are in our 40's, and live in a kibbutz in the north of Israel.
Our story
: For many years we have tried all know methods to conceive. The path was not easy, and in the end nothing worked. When it became dangerous for me to keep trying, we turned to fostering a child in the hope of adopting. We gave the child what we had been dreaming of for so many years: warmth, love, a supporting and educating home, all the tools needed for a healthy and good life, together with our supportive and loving extended family and a warm and helpful community.
In April 2015 we received a little 10 month old "treasure" who changed our world into a paradise full of love and happiness. We were his proud and happy "parents" for four wonderful years, so we know what is like to be a happy family.

Our world fell apart 8 months ago when our source of happiness and pure love was torn away from us. Our "son" who we raised, nurtured and will love always, was taken from us suddenly, without our being able to know how he is, what he is feeling, and if he's asking for a hug from his parents. We were forced to release him against our and his wishes due to a request by the biological father, which was his legal right.
We lost a son!!
Even after court battles and huge legal expenses for us and our extended families, we were not able to return our son to our home and our family and we are left with a bottomless pit of longing.

We decided to share our story in order to ask for donations to begin a surrogate birth process. We have passed the Ministry of health's committee requirements, and now the only thing keeping us from fulfilling our dream of being parents is funding.
As difficult as the public exposure is for us, we have decided to make our story public and ask for your help in reaching our goal.

We would be so grateful if you would join us in this journey of creating life with any donation possible.
We promise to share the process and update you throughout.

The Surrogacy process in Israel costs 260,000 NIS (around $72,210).
Egg donation in Israel costs 40,000 NIS (around $11,110).
If 3,000 friends each donate 100 NIS each (around $28), we will have the sum we need.

We are thrilled with the response so far and are nearing the halfway point of our goal.
We are raising the funds through the nonprofit organization "Gius Mehalev" (Raising funds from the heart).

Donations can be made by:
PayPal or credit card or
the app "Bit" for cellular:
0525556880 – Noa Harish, C.E.O "Gius Mehalev"
0523764677 – Carmit Eshel Doron
0522363392 – Efrat Doron (Carmit's sister)

Bank check for Gius Mehalev, Hagai St. 48/7, Yokneam Elite
Bank transfer to Mercantile, Akko branch 644, account 61070, Gius Mehalev
For Receive No. 46 A, please e-mail us – [email protected]

I am here for any questions.

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