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Hello, my name is Ruthie Tick and I am standing here today to speak to you about a dear friend of mine who has a dream to be a mother. To most, this might seem an obvious dream, but it is something that she has been fighting for for years and yet she cant seem to achieve it. Her story is a complicated one, but it also brings with it inspiration and hope.  I am speaking for her as it is hard for her to expose herself, and so for this purpose I will call her orit. Orit is now in her 40’s and is currently single. As a result, she has had to go through this entire process on her own, making it that much more difficult.

For the last 6 years Orit has tirelessly and with much difficulty tried all the available ways to have a child. She tried sperm donation as well as ivf, both heeded no positive results. Then when she was still hopeful and looking into other options, they discovered cists in her cervices which rendered her not able to ever carry a child on her own. After finding this out, orit completely broke and decided that the universe was telling her that she is not destined to ever be a mother. This is the point in which she became despaired and decided to give up on everything she had worked so hard to achieve.

For Orit’s close friends and family that went through this process with her, it was so painful to see how broken and hopeless she became as her dream of bringing a child into the world was snatched away from her.

Orit stayed in this painful place for months until slowly she began picking herself up and decided that she would not give up and against all odds began the slow and complicated process of surrogacy. Although this process is long, expensive and very unsure, orit pushed forward and began to take care of all that needed to be done to make it happen. 

After six months of weeding through the technical, legal, and medical barriers’, orit has finally found a suitable surrogate who has agreed to embark on this amazing journey with her. As of today, all the conditions needed are in place, except for extremely large sum of money, over 100,000 dollars that is needed in order to carry out this process. Orit, on her sole income, can in no way come up with this money.

All this brings me to be standing in front of you today asking you to join us, her family and friends, in trying to raise the funds needed for this special process. I am turning to all you who may know someone who has not been able to have a child or just anyone who this story touches.

It is important for me to say that any amount, even that which will seem small and insignificant, is gladly welcomed. By giving even a small amount it can add toward the goal as well as giving orit the feeling that people care that she is not standing alone.

In conclusion, I am asking anyone who sees this , even if you yourself cannot give any money to please please pass this video on to people you know, and by doing this taking a pivotal roll in helping give orit the gift of life and helping her to maybe soon hold her own baby in her arms.
Thank you,

Ruthie, Hadas, Yifaat, Letisia, Sendi

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