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when I was young, I dreamed of having at least four children.

We are a couple in our mid forties, our dream is to be parents, to create a family together.

For the last 20 years we have been trying to start a family. After dozens of failed IVF treatments, which even became complicated due to endometriosis, myomas in the womb and fallopian tube excision, we have reached our last hope – surrogacy. We are asking for your help to fulfill our dream, to be parents, to be a family.
every donation will help

In our community surrogacy is not accepted in any form as a way to create life. We are dependent on you to help, it is not possible for us to get help from the community or close family. We have to remain anonymous.

My husband served in the special forces in the IDF, today he is volunteering in a special combat unit in the North. I worked for many years in kindergartens and today I am a multidisciplinary alternative therapist.

So far, we have invested over half a million shekel on IVF treatments and now we need donations for our last option of surrogacy.

Do you remember the moment when you became parents, the first look of recognition, the first laugh, the first smile, the first step, the first word…
We wish to be parents too.

We the friends of the dear couple are supporting them in their request for donations, with your generous help, together we can fill their lives with happiness and the blessings of being parents ❤️

For a donation with receipts, business and companies can contact Noa Harish 052-5556880

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₪ Donate till now from 330,000