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Ronen's smile is what sustains us!

Dear friends and kind people,

Ronen, just 53 years old, suffers from Advanced Muscular Dystrophy and is only able to communicate with eye movements.

His eyes smile and shine and through them he manages to show that he is optimistic and full of life, even though he cannot move any part of his body and speaks with the help of a computer.

Despite Ronen having caregivers, we care for Ronen 24/7 as he cannot be alone.

Ronen, who is a happy and optimistic guy by nature, empowers us even now that he is incapacitated. He makes us happy through songs he loves and plays for us, through his words and especially with his smile and incredible eyes.

For the past four years, Ronen has been living with ALS, and we have adapted a rented house to accommodate both his family and himself, and all the medical equipment Ronen is dependent on and without which he would die.  

We – his wife Iris and our four children – Hadar, Nave, Yinon and Efrat do everything possible to sustain Ronen's life with faith and hope, however the mental strain is immense.

The costs of medical care, personal around-the -clock caregivers, and the necessary medical equipment are extremely high. The economic burdens are of necessity, continuously rising. We were recently informed that the house we rent that has been adapted to meet Ronen’s requirements has been sold, therefore we will have to move to another house in the near future.

We are fortunate to be supported by our loving family who provide us as much help as they can.

Ronen's physical condition is currently good, and his quality of life for the coming years is extremely important to us. We would like to provide him with the appropriate treatments with the help of additional caregivers who will make it a little easier for us, medications, and good and suitable living conditions.

Over the years, we have raised funds independently, but this is an enormous difficult task. We decided to follow recent advice and, with Ronen’s agreement, have launched a ‘crowdfund campaign’. We hope to raise 1 million shekels, in order to be able to provide the best care possible for Ronen during the coming years.

We were delighted to see Ronen’s enthusiasm for the campaign and in his own words – "Well done, and we will succeed with the help of God".

Hopefully, together with you, regardless of religion, race and gender we ask that you help us maintain Ronen's smile, shining eyes and us- as a family.

We would like to thank you for taking the time to read this and also thank you in advance for any donation no matter small or large ….every little bit helps.

Ronen, Iris, Hadar, Nave, Yinon, Efrat and all the family.


Gifts can also be donated, please contact Noa Harish 052-5556880 for more details.

Donation by bank transfer with a regular receipt (without tax refund) – a Gius MeHaLev Fundraising Association, Mercantil Bank 17, Branch 644 Acre Bank account 61070 for Ronen Zamir.

To donate and receive a 46A receipt for tax refund – please donate to "Glila" Association, that assists us in the campaign – International Bank 31, Branch 120 Kfar Vradim, account – 186681 you need to add the words ‘For Ronen Zamir’.

In order to receive a receipt, send an email with a reference of the donation to the – [email protected]

Click to donate by ‘Bit’ (mobile only) / credit card.

36458 $
Donated so far from a sum of $309,000