50938 NIS
Donate till now - the target is 280,000 NIS

Hello Dear Friends,

In the last few weeks, our family has come to a decision, to embark on the journey of Surrogacy.

This wasn't an easy decision for us, that we have come to after 6 years of exhausting battles for the body, Soul and life.  

Ori came to us after hard and grueling fertility treatments, at the 5th moth of the pregnancy we have discovered that the baby has heart defect and the doctor has recommended to stop the pregnancy, but we did not give up on him with all the difficulties and fears that followed this information.

He was born 8 years ago with a heart defect and at 2 months old he went through open heart surgery.

After Ori's birth, I got pregnant naturally, that all resulted in ectopic pregnancies, and due to the life threats they brought. The doctors decided to remove my fallopian tubes, and since then and up until today I undergo

fertility treatments that were not successful time after time and shatters the heart and the soul.

The treatments are exhausting – for the soul, the relationship, the parenting, the body.

Our life is not normal.

Each time you start a new treatment there is hope that this time it will be successful.

And due to this dream, you are able to endure the physical and mental hardship, and when you receive the negative result, everything falls apart.

During the last few years, I have undergone a lot of treatment and procedures with one dream at heart –

to hold a baby in my arms

The decision to stop the fertility treatments and forwarded carrying the fetus to another woman was not easy for me at all. The disappointment from myself not being able to carry a pregnancy, that my body is betraying me time after time just brought me to my knees, but the will to have a child is stronger than life.

Following the many procedures and injections I had during the years, I developed a serious condition in the

womb that does not allow the embryos to settle in the womb and a pregnancy to develop.

Our doctor advised us the we have only one option to bring another child to our life, which is Surrogacy.

It felt like the skies has dropped, but after breathing into the situation we have realized that this is the only way for us to bring our child to this world.

The decision to go to Surrogacy enables us to focus on what really matters – family, soothing the soul and body and mainly knowing that the dream is possible and can come true.

This decision also entails a very high financial cost, and after all the years of costly treatments, we are left without the possibility to finance this process.  That is why we are approaching you dear friends and requesting you to help us making our dream for another son/daughter come true.

We thank every donation

Amit, Kfir and Ori

Total sum needed to be raised – 280,000 NIS date for final donation 31st March 2021




50938 NIS
Donate till now - the target is 280,000 NIS