Dear Friends,

Help us achieve our dream, to be parents!

Nice to meet you, we are Sharon & Hanan, a loving married couple for 12 years.

We met a decade ago, built our lives and home together in the Sharon district.

Extending our family has been discussed frequently and extensively.

Over the last few months we have begun the process to find a surrogate because it is illegal to build a same-sex family in Israel. Our only legal option to become parents is to find a surrogate in the USA.

The costs are enormous! The process for a surrogate for TWINS in the US costs 600,000 NIS (about $170,000). After taking a loan from the bank and using our savings, we are 280,000 NIS (about $80,000)  short. We understand that without the help of our family and friends we will not be able to pay for the process and birth of the twins we are dreaming of. We are in great need for your help to raise the remaining amount. Any donation will be so generous and appreciated greatly.

Thanks and much love,

Sharon & Hanan

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