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Our dear Meir

Approximately a year and four months ago, during a Shabbat morning walk together,
my dearly beloved Meir, suffered a cardiac arrest.
In a moment of ingenuity, I began heart massage and at the same time, I called Magen David Adom (first aid organization). People who happened to pass by at the time, joined in to help. After some time, which seemed like an eternity, the first aid team arrived.

Only 3% survive cardiac arrest. We are lucky that Meir survived.
From that day our lives stopped. We began the long journey of Meir’s rehabilitation.

Days and nights together, our children and me, beside Meir in intensive care and later on, in the rehabilitation units.

We were there to hug, reinforce, touch, take care and help in any way necessary.
Despite the doctors’ pessimistic forecasts and against all odds, Meir’s rehabilitation is progressing gradually.

We were told he would not be able to walk; today he is walking, even by himself.
We were told he would not be able to eat by himself; today he is eating by himself, with a knife and fork.

Every day we see a small significant improvement in his condition. It occurs with small changes over a period of time that accumulate into significant progress.
Meir’s progress is thanks to his mental strength and strong will to return to himself, and our deep love, optimism and daily  work and of course,  the intense professional rehabilitation process, most of which is not financed by the State.
Until today, we have spent tens of thousands of shekels on Meir’s treatment and rehabilitation.

All this, in addition to the fact, that currently I am the only salary earner in the family.
After 10 months of enormous financial investment by family and close friends, we have reached the situation where we need help to continue Meir’s rehabilitation.
Therefore, we embarked on a crowd funding campaign. It was a difficult, but unavoidable decision

The estimated cost for the treatment and rehabilitation that Meir needs is approximately 20,000 NIS per month. An intensive daily process that will continue for an extended period.
 We have always been on the giving side. Today we are asking for help, help to return our Meir to the Meir he was in the past.

Any donation is warmly received.

Thank you and good health to everyone.

Rochela, Meir’s family and friends

Donate from - ₪ 1,000,000