Amount to be raised - ₪ 1,000,000

Meital is asking for life, she needs your support

Meital is asking for life, she needs your support.

Meital, 43, is full of love and life, a mother of two daughters and wife to Baruch.

She lives in Pardes Hanna and is adored by all her friends, family and whoever she crosses paths with.

We want to keep her with us for a long time to come!

Two years ago, Meital was diagnosed with myeloma (a type of blood cancer) and has been fighting for her life ever since. During the past two years since the diagnosis, Meital has gone through all the treatments that are available in Israel: chemotherapy, biological treatments and two consecutive bone marrow transplants. Three months ago, Meital was informed that the cancer has returned aggressively.
Meital's condition requires her to receive innovative and experimental immunological treatments offered in Germany, the United States and China, along with intensive alternative treatments.
We need your financial support to save Meital's life.

With your help, we hope Meital will be able to continue to raise her daughters and make a good impact on the world.

Some background info:

Meital and Baruch are both self-employed private business owners, who stopped working during the intensive care period and spent the last two years within the corridors of Tel Hashomer Hospital, as well as caring for their two young daughters.

The cost of care and life so far has been paid from savings, insurance money and assistance from the family.

In order to finance the innovative treatments overseas, Meital and Baruch need your help to reach a goal of one million shekels. ($330,000)

This amount will enable support to save Meital's life.

Your donation will make a difference and every contribution will assist Meital and her family.

Thank you for helping to save Meital.

Amount to be raised - ₪ 1,000,000