68085 $
Donated so far from a sum of $309,000

Request for financing help for Meir Moran’s rehabilitation

Our Meir, Meir of people, Meir of kibbutzim and communities, Meir of counsel and support, Meir wants to be that Meir again.

Meir was miraculously saved after a Cardiac Arrest. Thanks to determination and persistence, both his and his family’s, he succeeded in surprising the doctors and from the moment he began rehabilitation, he has shown signs of Meir rebecoming Meir.

The road is long… The family is dedicated and committed. Meir is embraced by a lot of love. Another word, another movement and another understanding smile. The road requires a lot of daily resources in order to support intensive, multi-disciplinary, varied, and expensive rehabilitation work.

The family is exhausting every resource available including a wife who continues to bring in a livelihood and children who assist with any and everything they can.

Yes, here it is, we are asking any and every one whose heart is open and hands are able, to help us help Meir become that Meir again.

We ask that you help us donate what you can to (link to the donation website….)

The goal (if I may be so bold as to say) is 1,000,000 NIS for 5 years. (20,000 NIS per month). All of it dedicated to the varied expensive treatments – innovative tools and advanced technology – and conventional, physical therapy, rehabilitation and speech therapy – that according to the expert doctors are necessary for Meir’s rehabilitation.

Thank you,

The family and friends of Meir Moran

For donation with tax refund -Click Here – Please Write for Meir Moran

68085 $
Donated so far from a sum of $309,000