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My name is Matilda Edelstein, 50 years old, five and a half years ago I was blessed and gave birth to my first son, Hod Yehuda Edelstein, after over the years I wanted to start a family out of a relationship, but when I reached the age of 38 and did not find the right relationship to start a family with, I decided that I would do it alone, The desire for my family burned inside of me.

And so I embarked on a long journey of 6 very long years, during which I underwent 18 fertilizations and 17 inseminations, tests of the uterus, and finally I also needed an egg donation, and thus I became my own surrogate, and at the end of week 37 I gave birth to my Hod by caesarean section.

The cost of the process cost me about 500,000 NIS, part of which I financed from the current flow and part from a loan from the bank.

Today, after another series of tests and close supervision by a specialist doctor, I am embarking on a second journey to expand the family and give my Hod Yehuda a brother or sister.

My time is very limited, this is the last year in which I can get pregnant and give birth, but due to the high costs I am still paying from the first pregnancy, I cannot make this journey alone, and I need your help, I know that if I don't do it now I will regret it for the rest of my life my life

The costs of the additional pregnancy – NIS 220,000

Despite and despite my advanced age, the doctors approve another pregnancy for me, and if there is something that is very, very important to me in my life, it is not to leave Hod Yehuda alone, to have a brother or sister, to have a bigger family.

Hod Yehuda's name was carefully chosen, Yehuda Edelstein was the name of my late father. I chose the name Hod from the full name, the name Yehuda is made from the letters of God and I understood that as soon as his name is Hod he will receive the care of my father Yehuda and of God, my parents Holocaust survivors immigrated to Israel on the Oxodos ship, and I continue to live in the moshav they established in the early fifties – Moshav Yad Natan, the moshav is the ground and foundation for me and Hod, the place where I grew up and grew up, and I raise my son and one day also the brother or sister who will be born to him.

Thank you, appreciate from the bottom of our hearts with much excitement and anticipation for the expansion of the family,

Mati and Hod Yehuda Edelstein

Funding amount – 220,000 NIS Funding end date – 10/31/2023

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Donate till now from 220,000 NIS