Donate till now from 147,000$

Dear friends,

Nice to meet you – Zerait and Lev Nisimov, 38, from Hadera.

Even in these difficult days that the people of Israel are going through, we continue to deal with the disease of my dear husband's heart, who is bravely dealing with cancer, for the past two years we have been dealing with it and seeing visible miracles, just like that, twice he was swinging between life and death, and once we were also called to say goodbye to him , and prepare the children for the approaching end.

Two years we live a life of hospitals, medicines, wars over life-saving medicines that are not in the medicine basket, and we find the funds from the savings and the family.

We are Zerait and Lev, two who are one, we met at the age of 16 and have not been separated since, our dream was to start a family and live a good life, and that was the case until two years ago.
Our sweet children Adir and Ariel, 12 and 9 years old, live in a reality where a father who was the most amazing father in the world became in one moment a full nurse, at night I feed him through tpn.

Lev was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, and for a year he received biological treatment that didn't help him, he lost weight to lose weight, stopped walking, the side effects were very, very severe, but there was no other medicine, and then, in an apparent miracle, after we did a special and expensive test Very much, he was found suitable for a new and experimental study of a biological drug that has not yet received the approval of the FDA, but for Lev the drug was a lifesaver, he came back to life! Gained 20 kilos, recovered, returned to function, we even went on a family vacation, and one day everything was interrupted.
They stopped his medicine, and this month there was a huge deterioration and the cancer spread to the bones, to this day we have not recovered from this situation.

In another miracle, I found Prof. Nehushtan who is a doctor in the form of an angel and a true soul, who does not remain indifferent to the heart's basic desire to live, and helped me find a number of medicines suitable for the heart, their monthly cost is NIS 42,000.

As a sole breadwinner, and together with Lev's allowance, we are unable to finance the medicine, but Lev is me.
And I will do everything possible for him to live a good life alongside the disease, it is possible.
But he needs a whole year of treatment, at every test we see a small progress and this is our hope,
Our amazing families and friends helped and continue to help, also with childcare, transportation, cooking and money.

We have spent over 100,000 NIS to date, and we have reached the limit of our ability.
I know that these days everyone is taking care of our dear soldiers, and the families of the surrounding area, and still, I ask you, there is us too.

Every donation, big or small, is very meaningful to us.
Wishing you peaceful days, and may everyone return home safely, Amen

Zerait, Lev, Adir and Ariel.

Donate till now from 147,000$