I want to tell you the story of Jonathan the entrepreneur.

Jonathan is a 27-year-old young man, a lovely of a young man who was electrocuted very badly, his life has changed  two and a half years ago and since then he has been diagnosed with very severe post-traumatic stress disorder. When you meet Jonathan, you meet a guy whose future is ahead of him and his life is behind him.

Once upon a time when he was 25 years old, Yonatan planned to study at the Faculty of Law in Kiryat Ono, enrolled in preparatory school, saved money for the entire period of years of graduate studies by installing water clocks and plumbing in a private company.

His future was planned and rosy, until one morning the accident happened.

"Two apartments made a combination of electrical connections, I didn't know that, I worked according to safety procedures as always, and before I changed the meter, even before I touched the irons, there was already electricity. I received current to my body of an entire house. I lost consciousness, they called an ambulance, Call the police according to my employer, the electricity company cut off the electricity to the apartments until the hazard was dealt with, it could have ended completely differently, between life and death."

From that day Jonathan's life turned completely upside down, he was hospitalized in intensive care for two days, he felt the shortness of breath in his head, he did not know who he was, where he was and what happened, and demanded to be released due to severe anxieties and nightmares and was released with continued monitoring to this day.

"I was lying in intensive care with severe nightmares and hallucinations, my whole family was around me and I felt like I was in a grave, it seemed to me that they were standing over me burying me, and I tried to tell them that I was alive, but I couldn't speak.

This look never leaves me. It took me a long time to recover, every night this nightmare repeated itself, I would wake up and I wasn’t sure if I was alive or dead. every day I called my family to ask if I was alive. still alive"

At the beginning of the journey, the family and the environment supported him and took care of him, but since Jonathan suffered from severe anxiety, outbursts of anger, shouting, and nightmares, he was left alone.

It was hard for those around him to bear the situation, and for that there is no judgment or anger.

Since the accident, Jonathan has experienced nightmares at night and sleep paralysis, lack of control over the braces almost every night from the nightmares, daily panic, things that are so simple for an ordinary person are not easy for him like getting into a car, being in a crowded place, meeting new people, he feels that no matter where he is everyone is looking. even Family meals He feels like something is wrong with him, since the accident Jonathan has experienced falls and paroxysms it catches him without prior preparation and if there is no one next to him there is no one to protect him from head injuries.

Since the accident he started taking very strong psychiatric pills – clonex, Budormin, Lustral, Ciprolax, Deflapt, Eltrol, and reached an addictive use of pills, he needs rehab and wants to go to a rehab center.

Two occupational doctors determined that Jonathan is incapacitated, due to his condition he cannot earn a living, for a period of time he was recognized by the National Insurance as 100 percent temporarily disabled, the assistance was stopped and now he is in the process of being recognized as disabled again, but until then, he has no source of income, and is very close to being thrown out from his home.

All the money that Jonathan saved he paid to lawyers for a lawsuit that is still dragging on and will take years to finish, for doctors, for medicines, for treatments, for ongoing payments of life until he collapsed.

Due to his financial situation he cannot buy basic necessities, even food, the little bit of food he buy to survive he buys with money from deposit bottles that are collected for him.

His financial and mental situation brought him to a state of doom that he previously tried to end it…. And the individual has specified other things that cannot be revealed.

Jonathan turned to the association to raise money, because social security has also stopped support, and this is also in treatment, and in the meantime Jonathan has to pay rent, and bills, buy medicine and food, pay for appointments with doctors.

Another ray of light in Jonathan's life is the dog Kai that Jonathan received from the owner of a dog farm who heard about his difficult situation, and gave him as a gift. Kai's role is to be a therapy dog ​​and help Jonathan recover and return to function, some of the things Kai can do is protect Jonathan when he is upset and can help him have his personal space in a crowded place and more, but due to the fact that Jonathan has no money, he cannot train him For this, and also for this we are raising money, therapeutic training for post trauma victims which costs close to 100,000 NIS.

Yonatan told me a touching story, when the dog came to him and was really small, during one of Yonatan's crying outbursts he lay on the bed and didn't stop crying, and the dog made many attempts to jump on the bed and didn't give up until he managed to jump on the bed and calm Yonatan.

The dog is Jonathan's lifesavers.

It is important to note that Jonathan is doing a process with himself as much as possible, he does not want to be dependent on pills, and wants to go back to living, he signed up for day rehabilitation at a mental health hospital, but it will take at least another six months, because there is a waiting period.

The costs of treatments, doctors, Kai training, basic living and repayment of debts for the last two years, totaled 418,000 NIS, will help us help Jonathan get back to life. To go back to being a 27-year-old young man whose life was before him, to go back to living, laughing, working, and his biggest dream, thanks to which he agreed to be exposed – to help other young people who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, are ashamed of their situation and are left alone with the pain and difficulties. What kills is the shame.

Jonathan wants to strengthen and show that despite everything it is possible to tell, share, ask for help and live.

We will help them to help him come back to life.

Thank you in advance,

Noa Harish, director of the association

Funding amount -150,000$ Funding end date – 30.10.2024

To donate by bank transfer, contact Noa Harish – 052-5556880 or the association's email – [email protected]

Donations in Bit or by credit through the association "Gios Mahalev" "R 580672053" and are not recognized in tax.

The title of the campaign is taken from Yosh Granot's song "Return to Life"