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Dear friends,

We, former Department of defense (DOD) Men have gathered, in order to help a dear friend which, we, and many more consider him a true hero, also a former DOD men.

We would appreciate if you will take a few minutes to read Eran's story (pseudo name).

Eran was sent By The state of Israel to a very important mission in which he excelled. While completing the mission, Eran has a live of very important people, and prevent a terrible disaster.

Eran returned from his mission with PTSD, which was diagnosed immediately. After which he resumed working overseas for the DOD. Later on, Eran has suffered severe physical injuries. As a result, the DOD have terminated his contract, leaving him without a job.
Eran and his family have experienced the worst time and the family fell apart.

Their financial challenges have started before the divorce, dur to Eran's inability to work. All their expenses were paid by Eran’s disability allowance. It was the beginning of their financial decline, due to his low credit score, he was unable to provide his family their basic needs, which led him with bad physical and mental state, and sent him directly to the black market in order to source loans.

As you know, the black market is a very dangerous and unforgiven place, the reason for this whole crowd funding is because of a real fear for Eran’s life.

When Eran and his wife got a divorce, Eran gave up joint custody for their kids, because he wanted his wife, which has a low salary, will be entitled to full alimony payments, but that only raised his monthly expenses.

Eran's sources income are current work, and his disability allowance, but his big monthly expenses, makes it hard for him to meet and meat.

His immense debt, which is valued at 650,000₪, was accumulated during the years he could not work. His fear from the debt collectors of the black market is overwhelming.

We have also recruited a family financial expert in order to help with Eran’s financial rehabilitation.

We started with this crowdfunding in order to cover the amount of an immediate black-market debt, valued at 126,000 ₪, until the end of November, and to cover other loans with amounting to 325,000₪, which carry a very high monthly rate.

Urgent funding of these loans is our most important mission. Eran will pay the rest out his pocket.

This project is accompanied by the Non-profit lawyer and accountant.

The loans which grow immensely every month have a great toll on Eran's health.

We are urging you to donate any amount you can in order to resist this true hero in order for him to gain his life back.

We are committed to Eran’s anonymity, has a a result of his contribution to the security of Israel, he became a well-known with the security forces.

Eran has saved several friends while on duty. Now it's our turn to help him. Please donate as much as you can every dollar counts.


The retired members and seniors in the DOD.

₪ From 325,000