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A safe and happy home for our friend


We, Yael Tamari and Yael Ariel, are initiating this crowdfunding campaign for our dear friend, who will appear here under an alias, owing to the extremely sensitive nature of the issues she is currently facing.

Michal is a 38-year-old, bright, hardworking, kind, grounded single woman. She currently lives alone in an rented apartment in the same grounds as her landlord.

Unfortunately, she has been the victim of sexual abuse having been sexually assaulted by her landlord. The abuse has been a progressively worsening chain of events, with the most serious incident occurring in the midst of the Corona virus pandemic when the entire country was in quarantine, severely restricting her movements and access to much needed emotional and psychological support.

Unfortunately, Michal has been a victim of abuse before. Coping with yet another assault has therefore been all the more difficult, and as a result of the associated impact on her emotional well-being, together with the significant financial crisis she faced along with many others as a result of the pandemic, her ability to remain financially independent has been significant impaired.

For several months now, Michal hasn’t been able to afford her current rent, nor is she in a position to move and find alternative, appropriate and secure housing.

The psychological impact, trauma and stress that Michal is enduring has intensified, made all the worse by the reality that every morning when she goes to work, she has to pass the yard of her abuser's house and at the end of the day when she goes to sleep, she does so in the knowledge that he is just a short distance away. This daily encounter is a trigger which is almost impossible to bear. Michal must move immediately to a place where she can feel safe and secure.

She has approached several authorities, associations and organisations, but unfortunately, to date, no financial support has been given. As time goes by, the burden has become increasingly heavy and more difficult for her to deal with.

We are asking for your help in the hope that Michal will be able to build a home that is a safe space and that she will be able to access the emotional and psychological support she so desperately needs, in order build a strong, healthy and financially independent reality, which she is so deserved of.

We have tagged here professionals who know Michal personally and who offer there unequivocal support to this funding project.

Sujay Shemesh, Therapist
Yasmine Ostrovsky, Social Worker
We would be infinitely grateful for and assistance you can offer.

With faith, love and gratitude,

Yael Tamari and Yael Ariel

Donate from 50,000 Shekels